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Beginning a new era – March 2018

Today, 6th March 2018, Temple Seal Trips is dipping its toes (and oars!) into the water to experience the blogging world!  Its a new development, one which in typical Norfolk temple fashion has been on the cards for at least three years before any action is actually taken!  I asked Noel, our wonderful website designer (cyan commerce ltd) to provide us the chance to start a blog many moons ago.  He instantly gave us the link on our website, and since then we have been chucking it amongst the family as to who would do the best job!!  My daughter Elsie seemed the obvious candidate being totally up to speed (and fast with it!) with the internet and all that comes with it.  She has done a sterling job of keeping us in touch with our Facebook page, and Twitter, but when faced with sitting at a computer or being on a boat on the water, well, its an obvious one really isn’t it!  Lily was the next choice, but, with GCSE’s looming for the last couple of years, she was able to avoid that task with everyones blessing.  Jim was never a contender.  For anyone who knows our Red Leader, Jim Temple, they will possibly realise that the best place for Jim to shine is outside.  Every outside job is completed within its time limit.  Give him an indoor task and he struggles to complete it at all!!  Give him a computer related task and it is definitely easier to not just leave the building, but leave the village for a good couple of hours and hope that someone has called in for a cuppa while we are out.  The plan is they happily take Jim under their wing and show him how to work the buttons.  If we are really lucky they will have called with a ‘workshop’ job to be done, so he can happily return outside and forget all about the computer world!   So, that leaves me.  I am the one for the job as I am the only one left!  I am able to type, I am now able to log in (with noel’s help!), and I can talk lots.   I am planning to keep you all posted on our activities – trying to make them sound exciting of course! – and hope to keep your attention with some interesting Norfolk news!

Today the plan is for The Four Sisters, our biggest boat of the fleet, to be placed on the quay ready for a launch tomorrow.  This is extremely late in the year for us.  We started 2018 knowing that Jim was putting a new engine in The Four Sisters.  This meant we would be unsure of how long this would take, and not wanting to put Jim under unnecessary pressure we tried to be vague when asked on the phone when we would be running.  This proved really difficult at first, as we pride ourselves on being really helpful to our customers!  It became easier to start saying March, which in turn made us really relax and March seemed so far away it felt like we were almost on holiday!  This felt great!  It then snowed lots, with everything grinding to a halt!  More holiday happiness!!  Finally we are getting our act together.  This week Jim is getting ready for a launch, Lucinda (my totally exceptional ticket office queen!  More of a PA if I am honest!) has cracked the whip and we have been out delivering timetables, printing new tickets for the office, ordering display racks, postcards, chalk etc etc etc.  Its odd, but we are slowly starting to feel like getting back into Temple Seal Trip action.   Very quickly our two month sabbatical will be a distant memory!

I am now going out to sort the pony.  I have really enjoyed by first ‘blog’ and have discovered I have loads to tell!  However, all things must be balanced, and cleaning Magic’s tail (our beautiful little driving pony) is top of the list after all that muck and snow!  Walking the dogs comes second, so its time to don a few layers and make the transition from inside to out, so will grab the chance to take a few photos of the imminent launch.  Speak soon!

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