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Update February 2021

Further to government guidelines, Temple Seal Trips are planning on running boat trips to see the seals from April 12th 21.   We will be following all social distancing rules as before, with the introduction of two families permitted to join together as a group. We will be asking all our customers to drive straight to […]

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We just never saw it coming…….

Well, here we are, drawing into the final quarter of the year, and time for an update on the Temple team. To get myself back into the groove for adding to our blog I read our January 2020 news and it makes me smile to read it, full of optimism and promise for the year […]

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Oh my word, its 2020!!

I have found myself with an hour or so, and decided to do an update of our activities…..and discovered I have completely missed 2019. No news, no action, nothing. So, here goes to me remembering what we have been up to…….First and foremost is the new workshop!! Its amazing. Jim was overjoyed with his huge […]

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Changes on the horizon……..

Well, here we are at the end of a three week half term (public first week, state schools the second week, different region for the third!), combined with a particularly mild October, with plenty of sunshine!  Its been a joy standing on the quay without too many layers on, and definitely not cold enough for […]

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Crazy summer madness!!

Oh my word……July and August have been crazy!!  We have had the best summer in a long while for sunshine, and of course, the knock on effect is being busy at work.  We live in an area that is gradually changing, and those changes are sometimes quite subtle.  It takes looking way back sometimes to […]

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June 2018

I am finally back behind a desk catching up on our news.  There have been many moments when I have remembered my blog duties during the last two months, but somehow managed to get distracted.  This morning, as I was loading up the boats on the quay, a customer asked me if I was the […]

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Up and Running

I am very pleased to report that the Four Sisters has been launched, new microphone and speakers have been purchased, the tatty flags from last year have been replaced (well one of them, the other is work in progress), and the log book has been filled in with the times of the trips, ready for […]

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Beginning a new era – March 2018

Today, 6th March 2018, Temple Seal Trips is dipping its toes (and oars!) into the water to experience the blogging world!  Its a new development, one which in typical Norfolk temple fashion has been on the cards for at least three years before any action is actually taken!  I asked Noel, our wonderful website designer […]

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